Fixed in our range: block bottom bags made of Kraft paper. These block bottom bags are made of Kraft paper with an inner layer of OPP so that the bags are sealable. The window ensures that your product is clearly visible. These block bottom bags fit particularly well with the organic look and can be used for both a modern and nostalgic appearance.

The Breda bags are available in four sizes, ranging from about 50-500 grams, and in a brown and white variant. Suitable for packing cake and chocolate, but also for pasta, nuts and tea.

In addition to the standard sizes, it is also possible to produce Kraft bags in the format you want. This is possible with and without printing.


Specifications Bag provided with flat bottom
Material Laminate from brown or white Kraftpaper
With OPP
Thickness 70-80 gr/25-30 mµ
Printing possibilty Yes
Extra possibilities Window
Especially suitable for Trendy segment
Standing presentation
Cake, candy, chocolate, thea and pasta

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