The name is, of course, the classic point form. Suitable for presentation lying in the shelter but also hanging in a position.

Point bags are mainly used for packing candy such as bacon, fries, peppers, popcorn, etc., but also as a bag in baking mixes.

The pockets can be both locked and loose. The checkered variant is especially suitable for use with a pair of scissors, because the bag hangs neatly in the store and is easy to use. Industrial applications are also very good at this bag. The dots can be fitted with a Thürlings hole and special side seals to be suitable for machining.


Specifications Cone shaped
Material CPP
Thickness 40-50my
Printing possibilty Yes
Extra possibilities Thürlingshole
Extra side sealed
Especially suitable for Spoon candy
Mechanical wrapped candy
Piping bag for cream

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